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Hey! We are Beth and Justin Samples.

What began as a small business that Beth mainly ran herself, quickly grew into what it is today by the sheer accident of Justin falling in love with creating videos. We've been married for 7 years and everything that we put into our business is stemmed from the experiences we had getting married ourselves, both good and bad. 

Justin: Yeah, not that our wedding was bad, it was the greatest day of my life but we were young and broke and had many things to learn. 

Beth: I look back at our wedding and at the time I didn't realize the value of photography...shoot we didn't even do a video and I wish we had.

Justin: We'll have a video for our 10  year vow renewal, I promise

Beth: Okay! So anyways back to business, Justin fell in love with videography by accident, we had a friend getting married and she reached out to Justin about filming her wedding and he accepted. (Justin: Thanks Summer and Bill!) From that day he's strived to be the best he can be. He absolutely loves what he does and he's so dang good at it. He's also your go to guy if you want to have a fun conversation, I'm energetic but more of a listener. Haha.

Justin: bring the energy but brides, Beth is so empathetic she's going to feel everything that you do, she's really in tune with other peoples emotions. She's been pushing herself for 5 years and she's accomplished so much.  

Beth: This business is our baby, (besides our adorable son), and we want to treat it as such.  We want you to know that no matter how big or small we handle your day with such care and we want to be so intentional. 

Justin: We know this isn't your usual "About Me" and there's so much more to us but the main things you should know is, We love weddings. We love people. We love each other. 

Beth: And the fact we get to do this together is simply amazing.

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